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The conservative movement has accomplished significant work passing legislation and educating the masses. But the largest threat to conservatives changing the culture for the better is ourselves.  For too long we have been too scared of the courts.

Joe Nixon is not scared.

The most dramatic cultural shifts over the past century have culminated in the United States Supreme Court, some good and some bad. These cases were the achievements of strategic and aggressive litigation campaigns orchestrated for the sole purpose of changing the law through the judiciary.

Litigation campaigns of this sort make some people squeamish. But for someone like you and like Joe Nixon, too much is at stake to not use the courts and our constitutional rights to defend our families, sustain our jobs, and protect our right to vote.

Even though some of your friends may claim that using the courtroom as a legislative tool blurs the balance of power, the simple truth is that proactive litigation campaigns cause sweeping change in the United States.

Through his various types of services, Joe Nixon is here to ensure that those campaigns set our targets on good cultural change which fight against the progressive litigation in our country.

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